2 thoughts on “Khutbah 6/05/2015

  • Saleem Ahmed


    Us salaamu Aalaykum:
    Will commencement of Ramadhan be posted on the website or voicemail of Masjid’s voicemail or how and by what time will such a notice be posted?

    Please elaborate a plan and schedule for Ramamdhan…………. tarawih prayers, iftars, potluck dinners, e.g
    Taraweeh Prayers
    This year we’ll try to recite the whole Quran in the night Prayers (Taraweeh)
    – The first half of the Juz (Para) will be read in Isha and the first 8 Rak’aat of Taraweeh
    – The 3 Rak’aat of Witr will then be prayed
    – Then for those who are able to stay, another 12 Rak’aat will be prayed, with the second half of the Juz recited
    Potluck Iftars
    – Our Potluck Iftars will be on Fridays this year. Please come out every Friday and share the Blessings with your fellow Brothers and Sisters.
    Iftar for Singles (5 days a week)
    – Volunteer families will be cooking for singles who wish to eat at the Masjid. It will be on Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed, & Thu of every week.
    – Short Audio and/or Video after Asr Daily
    Every day after Asr prayer a short Audio or Video (5-10 minutes) will be played, covering various topics related to Ramadan.
    Further to this, one-time events will be announced during the month In Sha Allah.

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